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What is Developmental Transformations (DvT)?

Developmental Transformations (DvT) is an improvisational, embodied, playful form of drama therapy where the therapist engages with groups or individuals in a mutual, transforming exploration of issues, situations and identities that are important to them.  DvT has been utilized in clinics, hospitals (psychiatric and medical), homes, schools, classrooms, and corporations for more than 20 years.

DvT has been used with individuals of all ages, to help with trauma, substance use, mental illness, behavioral disturbances, relationship issues, existential angst and dissatisfaction with self and the world. The freedom of play and the experience of power in the playspace helps to break old patterns, tolerate the turbulence of life, and play with the ‘unplayable.’

To read more about the method, see our International Home Page

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